Drum Point Property Owners' Association

Drum Point is a community of natural beauty bounded by the Patuxent River, Chesapeake Bay, and Mill Creek.  Originally established in the late 1940’s as a summer destination, it has since grown into a year-round community of approximately 800 homes.  The development of Drum Point, and several other older communities in Calvert County, is not typical of most subdivisions; and as a result, potential property buyers need to be aware of certain facts regarding Drum Point management and infrastructure.  Following is a list of some of those facts:

  1. The following infrastructure are commonly owned and operated by property owners of Drum Point by way of the Drum Point Property Owners’ Association: 90% of the developed road network (Note Barreda Boulevard, Dogwood Drive - between Barreda and Laurel Way and Chestnut Drive - between Barreda and Rousby Hall Road are owned and maintained by the County to include snow removal).
  2. Community Boat Ramp on Mill Creek
  3. Community Beach on the Chesapeake Bay
  4. An Office Facility at 401 Lake Drive (corner of Lake Drive and Barreda Boulevard)
  5. Numerous undeveloped lots

The Drum Point Property Owners’ Association (DPPOA) is the officially chartered organization that, not only owns and operates common property in Drum Point but, interfaces with Federal, State, and County governments, other communities, other organizations, and citizens regarding common issues affecting the Drum Point community.  The legal documents used by the DPPOA to manage Drum Point can be found elsewhere on this site under the "Corporate Documents" navigation link at the top of this page.

The Association office sends bills to all owners in late January, with all fees mandatory and due by March 1 of each year.  The fees that are due each March 1 post to the next fiscal year, which begins July 1 and ends June 30.  Fees are billed and due ahead of each fiscal year in order to maintain voting rights throughout each fiscal year.  The funding required, to operate and maintain Drum Point, is collected as follows:

  1. Covenant Road Fee: $106.00 / year / lot - Billed and collected by the DPPOA. This is a required payment per the Covenants, which adjusts annually according to the Consumer Price Index (calculator found online).
  2. Mandatory Assessment: $55.00 / year / lot for all developed lots $20.00 / year / lot for all undeveloped lots
  3. Special Tax District IV: $115.00 / year / tax ID property - This is a tax applicable to Drum Point property. It is billed and collected by Calvert County concurrent with the County property tax billing cycle. The first STD was requested in 1996 by DPPOA and granted by the County under Maryland State Law.  STD monies are returned to the community for community operation, per a budget jointly agreed to by the Calvert County Board of Commissioners and the DPPOA. All monies are subject to an agreement of expenditure with the County which is reviewed on a routine basis. STD is required to be paid by all property owners per the STD agreement. Failure to pay the STD subjects a property to County tax sale.

The Board of Directors holds meetings monthly, usually on the first Tuesday of each month.  These meetings are open to Drum Point property owners.   A second meeting is held on an as-needed basis. While all owners are welcome to attend, if one wishes to address the Board about a particular subject, notification should be provided 48 hours in advance, along with a brief summary of the subject, in order to be placed on the agenda.  A Public Comment period is held before and after each meeting (no notice is required to speak during this two-minute period).  The agenda for each Board meeting is posted on the website the Friday prior to the meeting.  The DPPOA holds four General Membership meetings per year; in March, June, September, and December, with the agenda posted prior to the meeting.  The December and March meetings are held on Saturday mornings, beginning at 10:00 a.m.  The June and September meetings are held on Wednesday evenings, beginning at 7:00 p.m.  The date of each meeting is posted on the homepage of this website.  All meetings are held at the Drum Point Clubhouse, in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.

The Drum Point Club is a formally chartered organization independent of the DPPOA.  The Club owns the beach, forest, fishing pier, and Club house, which is located at the end of Barreda Boulevard /Overlook Drive on the tip of land bounded by the Patuxent River, Chesapeake Bay, and Drum Point Lake.  The Club also owns the woodlands bordering Barreda Boulevard at the entrance off Rousby Hall Road.  All Drum Point property owners interested in joining must buy a Voting Right unit, which can be purchased at $250.00 per unit.  The Club also has an Associate Membership level for people who rent in Drum Point and for those who live outside of Drum Point.  These folks do not purchase a voting right.  They pay the same yearly dues of $275.00, and are entitled to all the benefits of membership, including a key to the gate, attendance at social events, use of the beach, fishing pier and grounds.  They may also rent the Clubhouse at the Member rate.  Associate Members do not have voting privileges.  The Drum Point Club is proud to have Drum Point Day on the beautiful property.  To remain a member, the annual assessment, currently $275.00 per year, must be kept current.  Membership entitles persons the use of Club-owned property and  participation in Club events.  The formal name of the Drum Point Club is the Drum Point Project Inc. The organization can be contacted by leaving a message at 410-326-0564, or by mail at P.O. Box 356. Lusby, MD 20657.