Drum Point Property Owners' Association

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Policies and Procedures


Road Bond Procedures  (click on the link to view the bond)

Bonds are mandatory for all construction work that requires a new interface to our roads or require heavy trucks and/or equipment be brought onto the site. (NOTE, Barreda Boulevard, Dogwood Drive (between Barreda Boulevard and Laurel Way) and Chestnut Drive (between Rousby Hall Road and Barreda Boulevard) are County roads and as such, are not subject to this requirement.) Generally, we do not require bonds on decks that are built with a County permit.

Bonds will also be taken on additions to existing structures. This is in order to assure delivery and construction vehicles do not damage the roads.

All bond applications must be accompanied by a site topography drawing that incorporates the requirements stated on the bond agreement as well as any additional notes made by DPPOA’s representative. NOTE - many times drawings are brought in that do not reflect DPPOA requirements. These are to be corrected prior to placing our stamp on them. Remember, when these drawings are stamped by the DPPOA, they are then considered our official requirements by the County.

Bonds are to be returned only when all work is complete per the bond requirements. Please read all of the requirements on the bond. a. No bond will be returned after settlement. b. Bonds will be automatically forfeited if STEEL TRACK vehicles are used on paved roads. (In these cases, the road will be repaired under DPPOA’s supervision, and all additional costs will be billed to the bond holder.)