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SMECO has been alerted that customers may receive scam calls regarding smart meters. If someone claiming to be a SMECO employee or contractor comes to your home, don’t let them in. Our representatives don’t need access inside your house. The meter exchange only takes a couple of minutes.

If you receive a call, you may hang up and call SMECO at 1-888-440-3311. As always, if someone looks suspicious, never let them inside your home. 



With no quorum present at the June 21st meeting of the General Membership, the budget could not be approved.  

Therefore, the September 27th meeting of the Membership will be held in accordance with Maryland State Law regarding  quorums.  

Click on the links below to view the full budget as well as HOA law concerning quorums:

Give a Book, Take a Book Library*
The new library box has now been installed in the yard at the DPPOA office.  Come take a look.  Take a book or two and leave a book or two.  ​Please pass the word along to your friends and neighbors.​


*While we appreciate donations of books, please keep in mind that this is a small library and cannot hold large quantities of books.  The Calvert County Library and SMILE (located on H. G. Trueman Road) accepts donations of books.

Emergency Preparedness Class Schedule
Check out the Security Page (click on the link above)

for a schedule of emergency training classes

being given by Calvert County.​​​

Drum Point Special Tax District

A Public Hearing was held by the Board of County Commissioners on June 27th.  

The purpose of the public hearing was to consider public input on the request made by the DPPOA Board of Directors for the next Special Tax District.

 After discussion, the request was unanimously approved by the Commissioners.  

The amount of the tax district will remain at $115.00 per lot/per year.  The duration of the district is five years.

New Board Member - Biographies

​The slate of candidates for the election of next year's Board of Directors was presented at the April 29th meeting (the March meeting of the General Membership did not reach quorum, therefore, an additional meeting was held according to Maryland State law governing Homeowners' Associations).  The slate of candidates included Gary Heal, Bonnie Blades, Jerry Budnick and Mike Snapp.  With no nominations from the floor and with four candidates running for the four open seats, a motion was made to accept the slate of candidates by acclamation.  The motion was seconded and passed easily.  

Click on the links below to view their biographies:

Office Hours

Tuesdays from 2:00 - 7:00

Wednesday through Friday from 8:00 - 3:00

Phone - 410-326-6148

E-mail - office@dppoa.org 

General Membership Meeting

2017 Schedule

September 27, 2017

​Agenda to be posted...

FY 2018 Budget will be presented for approval.​​

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Drum Point owners and residents

Board and Committee meetings are held at the

DPPOA office - 401 Lake Drive (unless otherwise posted)

Board Meeting​​​​

7:00 p.m. Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Agenda to be posted...

Entrance Sign at Barreda Boulevard

Drum Point Lighthouse